What is the HANC On-Line Resource Guide?

An information hub for Tribal Health Departments and Native communities to learn and share obesity prevention success stories, strategies, and resources.


Who are Healthy Active Native Communities?

Healthy Active Native Communities are dedicated to fighting the growing obesity epidemic in AI/AN Communities. Let’s join forces!


Success Stories

Our partners’ efforts, strategies, cultural adaptations, lessons learned, and successes in addressing obesity.


Media Tools

These downloadable posters and videos will get your community’s attention…in a fun way! First you need them to listen, and then they will be all ears for your message. 


Peer-reviewed journal articles examining evidence-based obesity prevention strategies with AI/AN included as part of the population sample.

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Best Practices

The CDC Winnable Battles and Community Guide to Preventive Services can help you choose the right evidence-based strategies, programs, and policies to improve health and prevent disease in your community.

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Community Resources

Here you will find media downloads, grant opportunities, AI/AN specific data and statistics, available AAIP funding, and more tools to help you prevent obesity in your community.

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Success Stories

Over the last 20 years, AAIP has provided funding to and partnered with many AI/AN communities in the fight against obesity and diabetes. We feel very strongly that there are NUMEROUS effective projects taking place to combat obesity and diabetes in AI/AN communities. We also feel very strongly that we are not doing a good enough job in SHARING, LEARNING FROM, and CELEBRATING these efforts. 

The purpose of the Success Story pages is to promote, share, acknowledge, and celebrate ALL that we are doing as a united AI/AN community to address obesity and diabetes. 

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Ka-ke-to-fa Booster Breaks - Worksite Wellness Project to Increase Physical Activity

Our project increased employees of the Absentee Shawnee Tribal Health Clinics participation in moderate intensity physical activity (MIPA) during the workday.
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